Britain First March

Rotherham, 4 October 2014
Britain First March

Now that summer’s over, a lot of parents struggle to find new and exciting activities to broaden their children’s horizons.  Well the helpful people from Britain First are arranging yet another family day in Rotherham that young and old alike will love.

Dressing up as angry, unhealthy Londoners, Britain First will walk through the town shouting derogatory slogans aimed at Muslim people.  But if you’re not Muslim, don’t worry, you too are bound to be offended as you watch on in disbelief at the spectacle of ignorance unlike many seen before.

Following the March through Rotherham, other activities involve:
> Shouting racist slogans towards a group of peaceful British Muslim’s exercising their right to freedom of speech
> Blaming a number of recent crimes and conflicts on the Muslim religion, rather that on the individuals responsible
> Delivering a number of very flawed comments through speeches which seem to focus on being proud to be British i.e being from one of the most multi-cultural countries in Europe with strong foundations of free speech.

Entry is free.  However, due to the volatility of this group, it will cost the UK tax-payer considerably, as Police work to protect the public from this aggressive, potentially violent group.

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