Fays Book

ITV 2 - Tuesday - 20:30
Fays Book

Documentary continuing the social media season which investigates how social networks have become an intrinsic part of all of our lives, young and old.

Inspired by her gran, Ruth Brunt, otherwise known as InstaGran, Fay King uses the social network Facebook to bring unruly fellow school children back into line. She does this by posting images of class mates smoking, bullying, writing graffiti and so forth.

The series follows how Fay then emails page links containing photography of misdemeanours and tags parents and teachers.

Suffice to say, there is not a child in school who is a fan of Fay’s Book. Nor is there a child in school who gives Fay King the time of day and she has indeed been violently abused on a number of occasions.

This week, Fay takes images of classmate’s iTunes libraries, to prove that they have not paid for any of the music on their devices. She then posts the images to FaceBook, tagging the BPI, other music industry bodies, the children’s parents, teachers and the local police.

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