Hyde and Sikh

Channel 5 - Wednesday - 18:00
Hyde and Sikh

As is the case most weeks, volatile, 50-something ex-NYC detective-turned private-detective, Stacey Hyde, is persuaded not to shoot a gangland boss in the face by unlikely partner, Dr. Adee Singh, whose calm reasoning and revelation of future repercussions once again wins the day.

Set in downtown Miami, still preoccupied with the somewhat passé cocaine black market, where he cut his teeth as a young rookie, it starts getting a little out of hand when the first thing Stacey says to most people is something along the lines of; “So where do you ship your crap in then, spick”, or “Yeah, your smiling, I bet you’re fucking smiling pushing your shit up kids noses”. He even says things like that to say, waitresses when he’s not slept too well.

Anyway, you catch the drift. Adee meanwhile tries his hardest to dissuade Tracey from smashing a teenager’s brain in with a pistol and then attempting to defecate on him for selling a very small amount of cannabis to a fellow school mate.

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