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Ruth Brunt might seem like any unassuming elderly widower, but since the day she took an interest in her nephew’s iPhone whilst recovering from her first hip replacement operation, she has taken to documenting the world around her and publishing her images to Instagram. However, this is much to the dismay of many a local criminal, a number of whom have found themselves being prosecuted, thanks to Ruth’s photographic evidence.

This week, Insta Gran successfully sees off a group of adults who have been using the church car park for night time, adult activities. However, the raw nature of the images taken means that Ruth’s Instagram account is suspended. Can Ruth and her supporters manage to have her account reinstated in time for her second hip replacement operation in October?

Look out for the spin off series featuring Ruth’s granddaughter, Fay King, as she applies the skills she has learned from Grandma using another popular social network; Fay’s Book. Coming soon.

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