Micks Opinions: ISIS and ISIL

Micks Opinions: ISIS and ISIL

I’ve red a lot about a group of people called ISIS lately and I don’t think they sound very nice.  So I thought what would happen if we changed what ISIS or ISIL stood for? Imagine if we sneaked into their houses and changed the writing on their notebooks so that it read “Im So Into birdS” – So when they went to work it would be like:

“Adil, I didn’t blaady know that we woz about looking after birds?”
“No Azmat, I think you are wrong.  It stands for Islamic State of Iraq and Syria”
“Ah but look Adil, it says on our branded headed notepaper that we are actually, I’m So Into birdS, so it would seem we have been misinterpreting our duties”
“So, all of this beheading innocent people and burying women and children alive was not what god wanted?”
“Nah, he wanted us to ensure that endangered birds returning from summer in Europe return to undisturbed nesting environments”

And like it would be just as funny to do it the other way around.  Like I would go into the home of someone who works for the RSPCA for instance and change their headed notepaper to ISIS and they would be like:

“Erm, Gavin, why are you wearing a black balaclava to work today”
“Well I think I totally missed the point before.  Instead of relocating a family of storks to a safer nesting area, it says on my job sheet that I should be conducting a mass execution of Syrian soldiers”
“I wouldn’t do that Gavin if I were you”
“Look Steve, you know there have been cutbacks this year and we’ll be the first to go if we aren’t seen to be doing our job”

Anyway, that’s what I think would be funny.  I didn’t take any tablets today though and I feel like I am not actually in this room.  Bye for now!

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