Love Derby – e4 – Thursday 21:00

Love Derby – e4 – Thursday 21:00

The even popular ‘fly on the wall’ docu-soap showcasing the lives of Derby’s young movers and shakers.

It’s Friday night and Derby’s young elite hit the City’s bars and clubs.  In this episode we see 23 year old Shane hitting on the girl of his dreams.  Filmed from a distance and barely audible over the loud music, Wayne tries his best to woo 21 year old Emma with sweet talk and bubbles.

“Yo, you look really fine tonight you know”.  He turns tot eh barman and orders a bottle of Moet with two glasses.  “So why have I not seen you before.  Your looks are killing me you know”.

Although we can’t hear Emma very well, she seems less than impressed.  But that doesn’t dissuade Shane from the chase.

“You like the bubbles huh?”.  He lifts up his right hand and runs his forefinger under Emma’s chin, something she does not seem very impressed by.

Very loudly, Shane bellow ‘Look right, you drink my champagne and you basically get me all hot and then this.  I don’t believe this”.  Pointing in rapid succession at Emma’s mouth, groin and rear he shouts, “You said I could do it HERE, Here and HERE”.  At this point, most people in the surrounding area are watching agasp.

Turning around to storm off, Shane finishes with “I’m really not happy.  This is really unfair.  YOU SAID”. And Shane walks off to clearly talk badly in an agitated, animated fashion about Emma with a friend in the corner of the club.

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