Megan – The One Where Megan Eats A Baby

Megan – The One Where Megan Eats A Baby

This week, for all those who eagerly follow #megan, the answer to where her invite to a friend’s barbecue might end up is answered, in graphic, disturbing detail.

Already becoming uneasy with the way Megan is eyeing a large pile of cheap, uncooked meat products, although deep down they know the inevitability of the event, her friends try their best to make her feel relaxed and not under their strict watch.

Exercising impressive will power, initially, it is not until a visitor briefly leaves her 4 week old baby unattended in a room with Megan before her hunger gets the better of her. A frantic episode unfolds which sees the party-goers turn the house upside down, but it isn’t until stomach cramps render Megan nearly unconscious and she turns grey and slumps to the floor that the grim reality dawns on the crowd. Legs spread and with her head fallen to one side, what seems to be the 6 packs of missing frozen burgers, now coarsely-chewed, are flowing in a stream from Megan’s foaming mouth.

On closer inspection, movement can be seen from Megan’s incredibly fat neck. Can the crowd actually believe what’s happening and will they succumb to cutting the live baby out of Megan’s neck before it’s too late?


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