Men ‘O’ Pause Grooming Review

Men ‘O’ Pause Grooming Review

Earlier in the year, I went to check out a much hyped male grooming salon in in Derby, called Men Straight. After hearing it had closed down, I received email invitation to visit an all new business, Men ‘O Pause, which was billed by the owner to me as “Metrosexual male grooming, Irish style; A place where guys can come to relax, i.e. ‘pause’, and chill out whilst they enjoy a plethora of modern treatments to help them look and feel great”.

I remember my last visit to this place. A couple of months ago, I made my way to the same Victorian terrace, walked through the garden gate and made my way to a garden shed, adorned with a purple strip light around the door. “Men ‘O Pause” signage stood proudly on the side wall next to the door of the shed and without pause I knocked and entered Men ‘O Pause

Owner Lee jumped up from his Macbook, closed all of the browser windows hastily and came and shook my hand.

“So Lee”, I asked, tell me about the new venture and how it differs from last time I saw you and this place was Men Straight.

In a very familiar and rehearsed-sounding dialogue, Lee launched into: “Guys like to take care of themselves these days. In some cases more than women, and it’s not just gay men either. We get all walks of life in here visiting for an array of treatments” explains Lee.

Like last time, I ask Lee to talk me through some of the treatments on offer and he walks up to the storage area, flipping through draws full of beauty products as he explains the contents and their use. “Now these are proving very popular these days. A simple gum tray with a tooth whitening gel. Leave in for 30 minutes and they lighten teeth around two shades each time”. Opening the next drawer down, Lee continues; “Now these syringes contain anti-wrinkle serum. Look, there’s no needle. It’s our no needle botox treatment” he joyfully exclaims.

Lee then opens the drawer down from that and hastily rams it closed again, turns around and begins to rant somewhat about home tanning. But I get the impression Lee knows I caught a glimpse of the incredibly menacing gay sex toys he accidentally uncovered. I ask Lee about the drawer:

“Lee, like the last business, is this place really a ploy to potentially have sex with men, with sex being the primary purpose of Men ‘O’ Pause and male grooming being a secondary activity” I asked Lee.

“Yeeeeeeees” Lee rasped with a disgruntled look on his face, and stared at the celing between taking very theatrical drags of his cigarette.

I go in for another question, but Lee is not having it and shakes his head vigorously.

“Shall I go Lee?” I say two or three times. Lee shakes his head vigorously. I make my way to the door leave Men ‘O’ Pause.

Treatments start from just £24.99 for tooth whitening and spray tans from just £4.99.

Men ‘O’ Pause

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