Men Straight Male Grooming Review

Men Straight Male Grooming Review

Launched early this year to cater for the East Midland’s ever growing gay and ‘metrosexual’ fraternities, Men Straight is anything but straight. Or male grooming.

Launched by owner, Lee Andrew, Men Straight operates from a tiny, but well fitted wooden shed at the bottom of the garden of an unassuming Victorian terrace house in the centre of Derby.  A strip of blue neon lights garnish the door frame and once inside Men Straight, Lee starts to explain about his clients and what they come and visit him for.

“Guys like to take care of themselves these days.  In some cases more than women, and it’s not just gay men either.  We get all walks of life in here visiting for an array of treatments” explains Lee.

I ask him to talk me through some of the treatments on offer and he walks up to the storage area, flipping through draws full of beauty products as he explains the contents and their use.  “Now these are proving very popular these days.  A simple gum tray with a tooth whitening gel.  Leave in for 30 minutes and they lighten teeth around two shades each time”.  Opening the next drawer down, Lee continues; “Now these syringes contain anti-wrinkle serum.  Look, there’s no needle. It’s our no needle botox treatment” he joyfully exclaims.

Lee then opens the drawer down from that and hastily rams it closed again, turns around and begins to rant somewhat about home tanning.  But I get the impression Lee knows I caught a glimpse of the incredibly menacing gay sex toys he accidentally uncovered.  I ask Lee about the drawer:

“Lee, is this place really a ploy to potentially have sex with men, with sex being the primary purpose of Men Straight and male grooming being a secondary activity” I asked Lee.

“Yes” Lee hastily and somewhat ‘hissily’ replies, then goes on to stare at the floor with riased eyebrows, smoking demonstratively and refusing to say anything else.

I start to ask Lee another question, but as soon as the first word comes out of my mouth he cuts me of with a vigorous head shake.  He sits there shaking his head, demonstrating ‘no’, he doesn’t want to talk anymore.

I wait another five minutes.  I begin to ask another question and the same happens.  I tell Lee that I’m going now.  I’m going to go.  Shall I go.  I wish Lee well and leave Men Straight.

Treatments start from just £19.99 for tooth whitening and spray tans from just £19.99.

Men Straight

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