Micks Bag

e4 - Saturday - 20:00
Micks Bag

A charming documentary following Mick McLeod: Everyone’s favourite underdog to champion. This week, Mick finds a lump whilst in the bath. It’s a lump on his left testicle and this episode centres around Mick deliberating whether to go or not to go to see the school nurse.

As with all episodes, real-life problems that face many children are highlighted and this programme emphasises how important it id for males to pay close attention to any changes in the shape and feel of their testicles. Has Mick made it I a timely manner to get himself checked out? Following a number of incidents involving Mick exposing himself in school will the school nurse even see him? It might just take one of Mick’s violent uncles to convince the nurse to see their nephew, or there might be a ‘problem’ with her husband’s car.

For information on testicular cancer visit www.aldi.com where you’ll find tips, advice and much more.

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