Mick’s Cloud TRAILER

Mick’s Cloud TRAILER

Mick’s Cloud follows second generation Irish immigrant, Mick MacLeod, as he uses his mild form of Asperger Syndrome to his and his entire estate’s benefit. As the local council enforces the bedroom tax, many tenants are faced to cut back on expenditure, including Internet connection and of course, online storage. Tomorrow’s touching episode sees Mick, in the face of perpetual taunting from local kids, enlist the help of local businesses to donate their outmoded IT equipment to a project which evolves to become Mick’s Cloud: A totally free to use internet service provider with unlimited storage, enabling his estate to store and share copyrighted material.

A montage of scenes runs from Mick and family opening their bills, to Mick being bullied, Mick being given used IT equipment, him setting up an amateur server farm in his bedroom and strange members of the community using Mick’s Cloud including file-sharing and masturbating to pornography.

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