Micks Cloud

e4 - Saturday - 20:00
Micks Cloud

A heart-warming story of an underdog rising to the top. Second generation Scottish-Irish boy, Mick MacLeod, uses his mild form of Aspergers syndrome to his and indeed, to the advantage his entire council estate. As the local council vigorously enforces the unpopular and badly received bedroom tax, many estate tenants are plunged into poverty and forced to cut back on every day expenditure, including internet connection and of course, online storage.

This touching episode sees Mick, in the face of perpetual taunting from local kids on his race, his mental condition and his hair colour, he enlists the help of local businesses to donate their outmoded IT equipment to a project that becomes Micks Cloud; a totally free to use internet service provider with unlimited storage, enabling estate tenants to fulfil their internet dreams. The only problem is though, is that the donated IT equipment is not really IT equipment, but old cereal cartons very badly coloured in by Mick. I mean, there’s even one biscuit box wrapped in tin foil. However, being extremely intimidated by mental illness, most residents of the estate ‘go along’ with Mick’s plans and even pretend to him that they enjoy the cloud storage system he has provided them, mainly so they don’t suffer recriminations from Mick’s family. They are pretty rough and they’ve been known to rob other residents and even kill local pets in extreme cases. Mick’s Cloud.

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