Micks Race

e4 - Saturday - 20:00
Micks Race

With his new-found confidence, thanks to his school nurse pointing out his less than desirable personal hygiene following his testicular growth false-alarm (it turned out to be a blocked pore, thanks to poor bathing habits), Mick makes a move on mixed-race Anglo-Thai class mate, the stunning Phueng Pradchaphet. However, Mick isn’t the only boy in his year to have designs on the Southeast Asian sweetheart. So too does the sporty, good-looking Steven Smoothe.

Indecisive, Phueng’s friends suggest that the only way she can decide which boy to date is to set a physical challenge and she proposes a two-mile cross country dash. Being morbidly obese, severely asthmatic, as well as mildly mentally handicapped means that the outcome poses one of Mick’s greatest life challenges yet. One that will be referred to for many years as Mick’s Race.

Meanwhile, to tackle his love rival, Mick isn’t playing by the rules and is seen sprinkling crushed-up paracetamols into Stevens sandwiches.

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