Micks Salad

Micks Salad

This week’s Mick’s Cloud sees Mick convincing Thai-British classmate cutie, Phueng Pradchaphet, to accompany him for a Valentine’s meal at a local Nando’s-style copycat shit hole (their marketing strap-line, not ours).

Surprisingly, the date goes better than expected and, although Phueng Pradchaphet seemingly only went on the ‘date’ out of pity, mainly because Mick asked her in front of other people, Mick’s initial words of affection strike a chord with NAME and at that point, she begins to question whether perhaps she should look a little deeper than just looks and intelligence when it comes to finding a boy who will treat her well and ultimately, make her happy.

However, it isn’t long until this epiphany deflates as Mick warmly, yet pensively announces; “I’d pluck the stars from the skies just to see you happy, but if you ever got cancer, I’d leave you in a wheelchair in Lidl”.

Suffice to say, Mick eats two desserts in his own confused company.

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