Micks Well

e4 - Saturday - 20:00
Micks Well

Following on from last week’s episode, Mick’s Bag, Mick receives the all clear from the school nurse. It wasn’t a lump after all, but a case of poor hygiene resulting in a blocked pore. Mick suffers from very poor personal hygiene which is linked to his condition.

Mick takes the good news as a blessing and also follows the nurses advise that, if Mick wants to be successful with girls, he’ll have to start paying more attention to his cleanliness and appearance. Mick realises that if he is going to stand a chance with the prettiest girl in his year, the beautiful Thai-born Phueng Pradchaphet, then he’s going to have to scrub up and look sharp soonish!

This week we see Mick being very, very mental and applying his obsessive, compulsive behaviour to self grooming and he hasn’t got a clue! I mean, some of the things he incorporates into what he thinks is a male grooming regime. Honestly, I shake my head!

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