Micks Opinions: Scottish Independence

Micks Opinions: Scottish Independence

I’ve got a grandma who is Scottish. I don’t like her very much because, like me, she can’t always hold her toilet very well and last time we went to see her, in a place called Clyde Bank in Glasgow (I like it there because they make big war ships), she made me very cross by not letting me eat three portions of deep-fried battered black pudding.

So I’m pleased the no vote won, because granny had ‘yes’ on her t-shirt. Is granny an idiot? Yes.

In the voice of Duncan Banatyne:

“Granny, you’ve got a lovely smile. Your accent is very cute and you give me pocket money when I come to see you, but no-one and I mean no-one tells me when I have had enough food. Because of my problem, I get rewarded with food, even when I’m playing up, so you can’t do this or you will pay in a bad way. And for that reason alone, I’m oot”.

I love Duncan Banatyne. He’s always oot. He was the best Dragons Den person in my humble opinion. Certainly better than that woman who looks more severely mentally disabled than me.

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