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Shade and Shennanigans – YouTube Hop Hop News

A YouTube-based news magazine providing the latest gossip from throughout the world of hip hop. Dobra Lahare is an attractive, semi-professional news reader and delivers her two minute snippets once per week.

Welcome to another edition of Shade and Shennanigans and this week hip hops
vodka wars are really heating up as Ciroc owner, Puff Daddy, mocks rival vodka brand CEO, 50 Cent, by sending him a life-long supply of Ciroc for his 40th birthday, and commenting that he welcomed him into the game when you’re “first starting out in these little companies”. Curtis Jackson, a.k.a. 50 was quick to retort and announced through his InstaGram account that he’d “rather drink a geriatric mans gold-coloured piss”. “You know,” he added, “the type of gold, almost red-coloured piss they get through dehydration and because of all the tablets they have to take”.

This wasn’t taken lightly by the Bad Boy Records founder Puffy who in turn commented; “Look right, drinking your vodka is like that bit of moisture that poorly, territorial cats fire out of their arses just to be anti social. It proper stinks and if you walk it into the house, you know about it”.

Whilst the hip hop world awaits 50’s response, elsewhere in the hip hop world, in the United Kingdom to be precise, a rapper with a very unique style is winning battles and crowds alike and is rumoured to be next years big thing. Let’s take a look at Five Pound Voucha in action.

Cuts to a grainy, wobbly VT of a live rap event in a club. A competent emcee delivers the last few bars of a reasonably good rap. He passes the microphone to a strange, unhealthy looking emcee. The beat begins and Five Pound voucher braces himself for a burst of energy. Completely out of time with the beat and in a very loud, high-pitched and manic delivery…

What the hell are you playing at pal? You’re in a world of your own if you think that I don’t know that you’ve been using me pay as you go credit. I had four quid on it now how am I supposed to ring me gran you fucking pillock! For fuck sake mate, me and me pals heard you rapping last week at the old peoples home . Your fucking styles as stale as a pair of tights you nicked from a dead woman. You nob! Your dad gets an erection watching kids telly. I hate you!

Cuts back to close-field studio with Debra Lahare.

So keep an ear open for more Five Pound Voucher and that just about rounds up what’s happening in the hip hop world this week. Tune in next week for the latest happenings from the street. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel and you can also find us on Facebook and Twitter. Until next week!

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