Sheikh n Vak

Channel 5 - Thursday - 19:30
Sheikh n Vak

Following on from last season, privileged Saudi student, Alim Hamad, finds himself in even stranger situations as his worldly-wise class-mate, Polish student Vaklav Milczarek, leads him on a world of discovery, leaving no stone unturned in what to Alim is a wondrous playground known as London.

This week’s episode follows the pair on a pre-night-out shop at their local Tesco Express. With money being no object for Alim, his personal assistant push several trolleys which Alim casually fills with expensive foods, wines and electrical items. Meanwhile, Vaklav is detained by shop security whilst trying to prize a one litre bottle of budget vodka into his rectal passage.

In most cases, it’s Vaklav getting a naive Alim out of trouble, but this week’s episode culminates in Alim providing legal assistance to bail out an anally compromised Vaklav who was detained and arrested by an entourage of low-ranking police officers and paramedics.

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