Urine For a Great Read – The Mail Order Magazine Returns With a Splash

Urine For a Great Read – The Mail Order Magazine Returns With a Splash

No, it’s not a spelling mistake, it’s urine. It’s probably safe to say that you more than likely have you feet placed firmly in one one of the two following camps; 1: You are repulsed by the liquid you and literally all other mammals pass. It smells revolting, especially male mammal piss which often carries a humming, hormonal overtone which make you feel like retching, as well as feeling strangely territorial. It can churn your stomach, it stains fabrics, including carpet. Even female piss stinks something nasty, especially when there is a hint of monthly cycle attached etc. As for Male lavatories, fuck off. Please. Or, 2: You’re a new age sort, or perhaps an enlightened medical student who knows more than you or me as to the beneficial contents of urine. Drinking yellow elixir could in fact strengthen your immune system. They say, I hasten to add. The antiseptic, nutritious liquor provides antibodies, antioxidants, along with an array of other marvellous benefits. You know, their partners probably did, or plan to eat their own placentas. That kind of sort. But each and every one to their own.

Then. Then there’s C: I know, I didn’t say there would be a C, but the less we say about the small fraternity of ‘water sports’ enthusiasts, the better. Or is it? The people who use urine to ‘get off on’. But, let’s not go into details. Just yet.

The Internet is the new(ish) media. It’s how we’re all expected to communicate, derive our news, find our specialist information. But the traditional magazine is having somewhat of a resurgence in 2016. As more and more people consider their digital footprint, and become more aware that their involvement in any specialist, risqué interest group online, be it social media or otherwise, their personal data is not one hundred per cent secure and guaranteed. Although in the more extreme-end of the spectrum, the 2015 Ashley Maddison scandal highlighted how, if one really insists on engaging in less than socially acceptable behaviour, your personal data, and indeed, identity, is not necessarily assured. Welcome back the mail-order magazine.

With mail order magazines, you simply provide a pseudonym at your address and when said magazine arrives and is intercepted by roommate or worse, wife, you simply respond with “Oh my god, ha ha, how weird! That’s sick! Who’d be into pissing?” and you both laugh it off a couple of times over the coming months and no harm is seemingly done. However, for expanding publishing upstart, Urine 2 This Ltd, their string of special interest urine magazines are proving to be quite big business and their flagship publication, Urine For a Treat, now boasts a monthly readership around the 40,000 mark in the UK alone. So who’s taking the piss now?

Urine 4 a Treat is certainly a bit kinky. The brunt of it’s output comprises two-page spreads featuring models pouring urine-like liquid over themselves and passing a little over their tongues for supposed ‘health reasons’. There’s a readers letters section where enthusiasts share their somewhat toned-down accounts of wooing women who share their interest and their insistence on the health benefits of urine self-administration therapy etcetera. So, at £3.90 plus postage, Urine 4 a Treat is not to be sniffed at!

Flip to the back pages of Urine 4 a Treat and you’ll find adverts for the other Urine 2 This Ltd publications. Urine For a Good Time’s title alone has a feel-good vibe to it and the images certainly look like enticing. Beautiful women pose in opulent surroundings, but something’s no quite quite right. On every table, workstation, gym setting, bedside, wherever, where you might expect to see a branded champagne, you’ll see glasses, jugs, even bottles. Yup.

The third publication you can subscribe to is Urine Trouble. This magazine is one big, horrible, yellow mess. Add leather, lace, restraints and faux-refugee enactment and you’re pretty much there. OK?

But it’s not just Urine 2 This Ltd that’s competing for this seemingly expanding market, it seems a string of other smaller publishing houses are targeting this same market and just some of the magazines we found include; Urine For A Good Time, Urine Luck, Urine The Bad Books and those are just the ones a short Google session uncovered, or that we can mention in this piece.

So now you know! Knock yourself out. If you’re looking to market a concept to a specialist market, this revitalised model could be your way of making a buck or two. Becoming flush, so to speak. On that note, see you next month!

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