War Whores

War Whores

Dartmoor 1914: Narracott buys a thoroughbred horse instead of a mere plough animal, and when his teenage son trains the horse and calls him “Joey” (as in Deacon), the two become inseparable.  The farmer is forced to sell “Joey” to the British cavalry and off he goes to the World War 1 battlefields of France where he is captured, like straight away, by the German’s who simply don’t want to return Joey and in all honesty, they don’t want to discuss why.  Also, they look a little embarrassed too.

After the Armistice, Joey is set to be auctioned and ‘low and behold’, a number of battle-weary Germans attempt to outbid each other for Joey.

The only question that remains is just what sort of training was the horse subjected to in Dartmoor? And why is there a quite vicious rumour around the German army barracks that half of the men have bummed Joey?

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